Revue Française de la recherche
en viandes et produits carnés

ISSN  2555-8560

Interbev's researches for a better nutrition

Synthesis of work in progress on the environmental impact of meat, animal protection, food balance, market demand and responses to consumer expectations.
Initiated in 2019, the INTERBEV Research Mornings have been renewed in 2021. The second edition of this scientific and technical interprofessional event has retained the theme of "Eating better" in line with the collective communication campaign "Love meat, eat -better ". This theme is indeed at the heart of interprofessional reflections and work. The results of INTERBEV's research (R&D, economy, socio-consumption) contribute to this strategy. The program of these Mornings has, once again, demonstrated the plurality and diversity of the work and collaborations of the livestock and meat interprofession.

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