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The meat industry and its challenges: how to create a sustainable breeding industry?

Meat supply chains face three major global stakes for their sustainable development: health (animal and human), equity and the environment. A rising demand for meat and the livestock sector development often have serious consequences in terms of natural resource depletion, animal health, public health, structure of production and access to markets. At the same time, amenities of livestock production should be strengthened and better acknowledged in policies. We suggest five principles that will allow the sector to successfully improve its sustainability: efficiency in using natural resources, conservation of resources, protection of rural livelihoods, resilience of communities and ecosystems and governance of private and public initiatives.

Camel meat drip loss

The drip loss is the loss of fluid from muscle without mechanical force. It is of great importance as it determines the technological performance of the product and therefore its market value. The biochemical characterization of the Sahraoui population camel meat showed higher drip loss, mainly explained by the rate and extent of pH fall. 

Comparison of different statistical analysis methods for pork carcass grading

Measurements of fat and dorsal muscle (longissimus muscle) thickness are generally used to predict lean yield with the help of regression equations. Other statistical methods predicting lean yield and meat structure of the major muscles were estimated from these inputs. All the methods tested obtained acceptable results. But the regression equations method and Gaussian processes had the lowest error rate. The regression equations method appeared to be so far the most precise and the simplest method that can be used.

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