Post-genomic era of molecular biology – Proteomics era II

The ERA (European Research Area) Chair team of Zagreb has been created through the European Union seventh research framework program. The objective is to upgrade, encourage, develop and enlarge the capacities in molecular biology of veterinary medicine at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Zagreb, Croatia, for a 4 years period. Different workshops have been organized to introduce omics science to veterinary medicine. The last one, entitled “Post-genomic era of molecular biology – Proteomics era II”, was organized at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Zagreb from 14th to 16th November 2017. Internationally recognized specialists presented recent advances and applications, mainly in proteomics but including other omics (genomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics). A number of contributions published in this article illustrate shared methodologies between animal sciences (meat quality, animal production and welfare) and veterinary medicine (animal health). The first two contributions described the potential of proteomics and of bioinformatics in animal sciences and veterinary medicine. Then, practical examples of the usefulness of proteomics were described in various species (sheep, goat, cattle) regarding different topics (seasonal weight loss tolerance, eating quality of beef, invasive biomarkers of various phenotypes, ontologies and phenotyping to maximize use of genomics and proteomics).