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Using ontology for the presentation and implementation of standards in meat production

The "UNECE Standard Bovine Meat - Carcases and Cuts" proposed and developed by the Economic Commission for Europe (United Nations Economics for Europe) offers a standardized language unambiguously defining different parts of the carcass at deboning. The use of the paper version of the UNECE standards is not easy for potential users. The ontological approach and possible applications of ontology for the development of informatic tools will help users of the UNECE standard, thus enabling better dissemination of this standard. Ontology is a formal representation of knowledge in the form of concepts and relationships between these concepts (often implicit elsewhere). By using this approach, objects are described accurately and unambiguously in a consistent form allowing the automatic use of these concepts by computer tools. This article describes the added value of this approach through different examples: automatic matching of carcass cutting between different countries and in different languages, a user-friendly computer interface for the UNECE standard, software based optimization of carcass cutting to better respond to market and consumer demands, faster and more complete information for consumers, and an indication of the market value of the various cuts.

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