Determinants of goat meat consumption in Algeria, the case of the Tizi-Ouzou region

Goat meat farming is widespread in the mountainous areas of Algeria. Even though it is conducted extensively, it is a significant source of red meat. The objective of this paper was to identify the factors that determine the consumption of goat meat. A survey was conducted on 620 people spread throughout the territory of the Tizi-Ouzou region which is mainly a rural area. The results show that goat meat is the red meat the least preferred among other meats. However, its followers are attracted by its dietary value and its low cholesterol level. Logistic modeling of the “Logit” type has made it possible to show that the consumption of goat meat is influenced by factors such as the following: Gender-Man; Ideas of the quality of goat meat; already having Tasted goat meat; Decision to buy meat / price and Availability of goat meat. However, the size of the household, area of residence, perception of goat meat and cheap meat are factors that do not seem to affect or not the consumption of goat meat.