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Carcass linear measurements of indigenous goat fed local forage resources in Arid land of southern Tunisian

The valorization of natural resources in small ruminant feeding can reduce the cost of feed while producing meat of good quality. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of local feed resources on linear measurements of carcasses of goat kids. Twenty-seven kids were divided into three groups at the age of 4 months and with an average body weight of 15.85 kg. Groups received oat hay (group control C), dried olive leaves + dried Stipatenacissima (group OL) or grass hay (group Ko). All kids were supplemented by 350 g concentrate and received water twice a day. During the experimental period, animals were weighed weekly. The animals were slaughtered after 90 days, with an approximate final live weight of 18.50 kg. Average daily gain was comparable in three groups. Final live weight was similar in all groups (18.0; 18.7 and 18.9 kg respectively). Conformation (mean = 1. 61) and fat cover scores (mean =1.50) were similar in three groups. Linear measurements (pelvis width (G), length of carcass tail - neck (K), length of leg (F), chest depth (Th)) were comparable for the 3 dietary treatments.

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