Economic crisis exacerbated meat consumption decline in the French market

This is a summary of a study originally published in June 2015 by the unit "Animal products, fishing and aquaculture" of FranceAgriMer, a French public establishment for agriculture and fishing products. FranceAgriMer’s experts analyzed the volumes of meat products purchased by French households before and during the 2008 economic crisis, using the purchasing database of the Kantar world panel. The study revealed that the fall in meat buying accelerated during the crisis period, especially concerning the species whose prices raised the most. The analysis of the different ranges of products also showed a consumption trend more favorable for the less expensive species at the expense of more expensive ones, with a preference for elaborated products and deli meats. If the decline in buying power explains part of these trends, the study draws attention on other factors like consumer’s new behavior and expectations of consumers regarding food.