Researchers question the relevance of in vitro meat production

Projects to produce in vitro meat, conducted in the United States and The Netherlands, have been frequently reported in 2013 in the French press and on French TV reflecting extensive media interest in this issue. Production of in vitro meat has been one of the main topics of the press questioning several INRA departments during recent months. These repeated questions prone a group of scientists to publish an article summarizing the main knowledge about the history, feasibility and technical, social and economic barriers to the production of in vitro meat on a large scale. It was coordinated by researchers from different divisions of INRA. It was published in early December in the journal "INRA Productions Animales". Beyond technical, economic, social and commercial difficulties, the article points to the fact that the prospect of mass production of in vitro meat does not meet the challenges of the immediate future in terms of global power, nutritional balance or impact on the environment.